10 Ways Core24 Helped Lydia Lose 12.5 Kilos for Her Wedding

Lydia Ross, in gym attire, sits on a plyometric box in a modern gym surrounded by fitness equipment, showcasing her successful weight loss journey at Core24.

Are you struggling to lose weight for a special event?

Imagine walking down the aisle feeling confident and looking your best, just like Lydia Ross, who lost an incredible 12.5 kilos for her wedding with the help of Core24. If you’re looking for inspiration and a proven path to success, Lydia’s journey at Core24 might be just what you need. Discover how this supportive community can help you achieve your weight loss goals and transform your life.

Personal Training at Core24

Personal training was a big part of Lydia’s success. The trainers at Core24 gave her workouts that were just right for her. They made sure she was doing the exercises correctly and kept her motivated every step of the way. Personal training can significantly boost fitness results, as noted by Australian Fitness Academy.
A group of women participating in a fitness class together, showcasing the motivational and supportive environment of group exercise at Core24.

Group Classes for Motivation and Camaraderie

Lydia joined lots of group classes, which made a huge difference. Being around other people with the same goals was super motivating. They all cheered each other on and pushed to get the best results. According to Better Health Channel, group exercise can enhance motivation and improve overall fitness outcomes.  
A woman using specialised exercise equipment in a room and a body treatment machine, highlighting the diverse offerings for detox and relaxation at Core24.

Infrared Sauna for Detox and Relaxation

Lydia used the infrared sauna to help her body detox and relax. It helped her muscles recover after workouts and made her feel great. This became an important part of her routine. Infrared saunas can aid in detoxification and muscle recovery, as explained by Healthline.  

Body Shape Room for Targeted Workouts

The body shape room at Core24 allowed Lydia to focus on specific areas of her body. The equipment and exercises there helped her tone and sculpt her body, giving her great results.


Two women engaged in a conversation, one displaying a red sheet with text and pointing at it, indicating a discussion related to health assessment and guidance.

Dietitian Support for Nutritional Guidance

Eating right was crucial for Lydia’s weight loss. The dietitian at Core24 helped her with a meal plan that worked with her workouts. This made sure she was eating the right foods to fuel her body and lose weight. Nutrition guidance is essential for weight loss and overall health, as highlighted by Mayo Clinic.

The 8-Week Challenge for a Structured Program

Core24’s 8-week challenge was a game-changer for Lydia. This program brought together gym members to train and support each other. The friendly competition and group support kept Lydia committed and focused. Structured fitness challenges can be highly effective, as discussed by Verywell Fit.
A group of individuals in a yoga class at Core24, practising the Tree Pose (Vrksasana) to focus on mental and spiritual health.

Mental and Spiritual Health Focus

Core24 cares about more than just physical fitness. They also focus on mental and spiritual health. This holistic approach helped Lydia stay positive and balanced during her weight loss journey. Holistic fitness approaches, including mental and spiritual health, are increasingly recognised for their benefits, as noted by Psychology Today.

Feeling Amazing Post-Weight Loss

After losing 12.5 kilos, Lydia felt amazing. Her wedding dress was actually too big by the time her big day arrived. The confidence and happiness she felt were incredible rewards for her hard work.

Ongoing Motivation to Stay Fit

Lydia continues to go to Core24 even after reaching her weight loss goal. The supportive environment and variety of programs keep her motivated to stay fit and healthy. Her journey shows the lasting impact of Core24’s approach.


Lydia Ross’s weight loss journey is proof of how effective Core24’s support can be. By using personal training, group classes, the infrared sauna, the body shape room, and dietitian support, she successfully lost 12.5 kilos for her wedding. Her story highlights the importance of a well-rounded fitness approach that includes physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you’re looking to transform your health and achieve your fitness goals, Core24 has everything you need.

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Personal training at Core24 is very effective because the trainers give you personalised workouts and keep you motivated.

Core24 offers lots of group classes like HIIT, yoga, pilates, and strength training, so there’s something for everyone.

The infrared sauna helps with detoxification, improves circulation, and helps muscles recover, which supports overall fitness and weight loss.

The body shape room at Core24 has special equipment and exercises that target specific areas of your body for toning and sculpting.

Core24 offers programs and activities that promote mindfulness and stress relief, supporting your overall well-being.

The 8-week challenge at Core24 is a structured program where members train together, support each other, and work towards their fitness goals.