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Boxing is a great all round fitness and action packed workout. It is great to help build a lean and toned body, improve your fitness, coordination, agility and self confidence as well as burning heaps of calories.


All our clubs have dedicated boxing areas you can use at all times in our Functional Training Studios. 




Boxing exercises involve high-intensity interval training that can improve your heart health, increase your endurance and stamina, and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Boxing exercises engage your entire body, including your arms, legs, core, and back, helping you to tone and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and burn calories.

Boxing is a great way to relieve stress and release pent-up energy. The physical exertion of boxing can help you to relax and reduce tension, while the mental focus required can help you to clear your mind.

Boxing exercises require fast reflexes and quick thinking, which can help to improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

Boxing can help to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, as you learn new skills and gain physical and mental strength

Boxing exercises can be a fun and engaging way to get in shape and stay active, whether you are training alone or with a partner.