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Lose weight off your tummy, hips and thighs FAST!

Core24 Weight Loss Body Shape Clinic

Our Body Shape Studio is located at our Frankston Club and NOW at our Mornington Club where we specialise in helping you lose weight, burn fat and tone those stubborn areas – your tummy, hips and thighs.

Our exclusive, specialised equipment from Europe utilises a combination of Vacutherm and Infrared technology.

In a private one on one consultation with one of our Health Coaches you will receive an individual tailored program  to achieve your health and fitness goals.

They will monitor and manage your sessions helping you throughout your progress.

In the 30 minute treatment, the combination of the vacuum negative pressure and infrared heat promotes blood flow to the lower half of the body and stimulates your fat cells to release toxins and promote faster fat loss. All the while, the moderate workout keeps your heart rate in the peak fat burning zone and increases blood flow to carry away the toxins released. It is like exercising the lower half of your body in an infrared sauna.

The result? Fat burning much faster with less effort. Multiplying the effects of exercise by up to 4 times, producing rapid weight loss results while you work at a reduced level.

How Vacu-Term Technology Works

Body Space Vacu-Therm are devices that tightly seal and treat the lower body with “Vacu” negative pressure and “InfraRed” radiation. Simultaneously with the Vacu-Therm therapy, an ergo metric bicycle, treadmill or step workout is conducted, which is suitable even for those who avoid physical activity. The parameters of the device (ergometer resistance, the value of the negative pressure and infrared radiation) are computer controlled and set individually for each client.

Lose Weight and Eliminate Cellulite

The amount and intensity of workouts on Body Space Vacu-Therm devices is dependent on the level of cellulite advancement and the quantity of fat. Research has confirmed the effectiveness of Body-Space devices in fighting excessive weight and cellulite. Effects are generally achieved after 20 treatments over several months, it is recommended to use Vacu-Therm for 12 to 20 treatments in one series.

What is Vacu-Term Technology?

Vacu-Therm technology promotes rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body as a result of maximally intense sweating.

 Vacu-Therm devices also improve the condition of the cardiovascular system – increasing the heart rate to a level matching rates found in people performing intense physical exercises. Through the use of Vacu” negative pressure and “InfraRed” radiation the collagen production in the skin is stimulated during sessions which assist in delaying the skin ageing process (Anti-ageing).

The benefits of Body Space Vacu-Therm

  • elimination of cellulite – quick fat burning (thighs, abdomen, buttocks) –  slimming and body contouring – augmenting the skin’s blood flow (makes it more firm and elastic) – improving the physical condition – improving blood and lymph circulation – rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body – elimination of the cold feet syndrome – endorphin release – analgesic effect in injuries treatment

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