Overcoming Addiction Through Exercise at Core24

How Hitting the Gym Can Help You Beat Addiction

Going to the gym is about more than just getting fit—it’s also great for your mind and your mood. For people like Stacey, who you might meet at Core24, working out has been a game changer in fighting addiction. Here’s how making exercise a big part of your life can help you deal with addiction and even turn your life around.

From Addiction to Regular Workouts

Stacey’s story shows us how hitting the gym regularly can really change your life. She used to struggle with drug addiction but has been clean for three years now. Joining Core24 was a major step towards her new life. For Stacey, working out is more than just a hobby; it’s a new focus that’s helped her stay on track. Research, like the findings from the WebMD, shows that regular physical activity can significantly ease substance cravings and improve mental health, which are vital in addiction recovery.

Setting Up a New Routine

Creating a new daily routine is crucial if you’re fighting addiction. Stacey found that regular workouts at Core24 helped her stick to a schedule, something that can get lost when you’re dealing with addiction. This new routine helps her stay focused and sober.

Personal Training: Getting Help to Stay on Track

Having a personal trainer has made a big difference for Stacey. Meeting with a trainer every week helps her set goals and work steadily towards them, which keeps her focused on her recovery and growth. Personal trainers can really help by tailoring workouts to what you need and keeping you motivated. According to Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA), exercise can significantly reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, which often accompany addiction Exercise & Sports Science Australia, 2020.

Support from the Gym Community

The friendly faces and support at Core24 are a big part of what helps Stacey keep going. The staff is welcoming, the equipment is top, and there are plenty of classes and trainers ready to help. Feeling like part of a gym community can make all the difference when you’re trying to kick an addiction.

Personal trainer at Core24 Health Clubs assisting a woman with a plank exercise, highlighting the personalized support and guidance that helps members stay focused on their fitness and recovery goals.

Exercise and Mental Health

We all know working out is great for your body, but it’s also great for your brain. Regular exercise can help cut down on feelings of depression and anxiety, which often go hand in hand with addiction. It can also help you manage stress and avoid turning to drugs or alcohol. Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, notes that physical activity is a great way to combat addiction and manage mood disorders Headspace, 2021.
Smiling gym members chatting at Core24 Health Clubs, capturing the supportive and friendly atmosphere of the gym community.

Living a Balanced Life

Along with working out, Stacey stresses the importance of eating right and taking responsibility for your own actions. This balanced approach is key to keeping yourself on track and avoiding old habits.

How to Get Started with Fitness in Recovery

  • Start Small: Set easy goals at first and build up from there.
  • Pick Fun Activities: If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll stick with it longer.
  • Get a Trainer: A trainer can guide you, help set goals, and keep you motivated.
  • Make It Routine: Try to work out on a regular schedule to build healthy habits.
Stacey at Core24 Health Club, proud of her fitness progress in recovery. Symbolising the positive impact of exercise on mental health

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FAQs About Fitness and Addiction Recovery

Yes, regular exercise can help reduce withdrawal symptoms and stress, improving overall mental health.

It varies, but starting with three to four times a week can have significant benefits.

It’s good to mix different types of exercise, like cardio, strength training, and stretching. The important thing is to find something you like doing.

While it’s not a cure-all, fitness can be a healthy outlet for the energy and time you might have spent on addictive behaviours.

A gym like Core24 can provide great support and structure, but you can also start working out at home or outside in a park.

Being around supportive people can motivate you, make you feel less alone, and help you stick with your fitness goals.