Should Fitness Professionals Push for Tax-Deductible Gym Memberships?

Imagine a world where taking care of your health and fitness not only leads to a better life but also benefits your wallet at tax time. Surprisingly, in Australia, the cost of gym memberships—a key component in many people’s health routines—remains untouched by tax deductions, creating a barrier to access. What if this could change? What if fitness expenses, crucial for our well-being, offered financial incentives too? Let’s delve into why gym memberships should be more than just an expense in your budget.
Joe Russo, Director at Core24 Health Club

Why I Advocate for Tax-Deductible Gym Memberships

As a health club owner, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of regular exercise on physical and mental health. Yet, one significant barrier keeps many Australians from this life-changing practice: the cost of gym memberships. It’s time for change. Current tax policies do not recognize gym memberships as deductible expenses, limiting access for those who might benefit most.  For more information on current regulations, visit the Australian Taxation Office

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The Untapped Potential of Supporting Fitness Through Tax Benefits

Imagine the impact on our healthcare system if more people could afford gym memberships. Research consistently shows that regular physical activity can drastically reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and depression. By making gym memberships tax-deductible, we’re not just opening the door to healthier lifestyles; we’re potentially reducing the future burden on our healthcare system. This isn’t just a health investment; it’s an economic strategy with long-term benefits. Detailed studies can be found on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Join the Movement for Change

As a community of fitness professionals and health enthusiasts, we have a voice and the power to drive change. I am actively engaging with policymakers and rallying support from the public to reconsider how we view health-related expenses. Tax incentives for gym memberships could be a game-changer, and I encourage everyone to speak up about this issue. Together, we can make a significant impact on our nation’s health. Support our cause at Fitness Australia.

Making Gym Memberships More Accessible: Core24’s Approach

At Core24, the focus is on making fitness accessible and affordable. With flexible membership plans that cater to all lifestyles and budgets, Core24 is leading the way in providing non-contractual, comprehensive gym access. Whether you’re interested in short-term passes or long-term engagements without the fear of hidden fees, Core24’s model could serve as an ideal example of how gyms could operate if gym memberships were made tax-deductible. 


In general, gym memberships in Australia are not tax-deductible due to being considered private expenses. Exceptions exist for certain professions where a high level of fitness is a job requirement.

Making gym memberships tax-deductible could promote healthier lifestyles, reduce healthcare costs, and potentially increase gym membership rates by making fitness more financially accessible.

Individuals can engage with fitness industry bodies advocating for policy changes, participate in public consultations on tax laws, and reach out to their local representatives to express support for such measures.