Group Fitness Training at Core24

If you love great music and people, you’ll love you group exercise classes!

Designed to keep you motivated and energised group fitness exercise classes take activities like weight training, boxing and dance, matched with amazing music to deliver fun classes and great results. Whether you want to tone up, gain muscle, improve your cardiovascular fitness or flexibility there's a group fitness class for you. 

Body Pump - 55 Mins

Body Pump provides a great barbell workout to get you looking to get lean and toned fast. Using light to moderate weights with high repetitions, this class gives you a total body workout.

Body Step - 55 Mins

Body Step classes provide a full-body cardio workout using steps particularly designed to tone your butt and thighs.

Body Attack - 55 Mins

Enjoy a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater to everyone from beginners to total fitness addicts. We combine athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats.

Obelix - 55 mins

Obleix is a great introduction to group fitness, we combine all elements of fitness cardio, strength, and Balance. Obelix targets the entire body with moves that are easy to learn yet challenging  for a great total body workout.

CX Worx - 30mins

A 30-minute total core workout with trained instructors to guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes, weight plates, as well as body weight core exercises like crunches, and hovers combined with hip, butt and lower back exercises.

Piloxing - 55 mins

You’ll never enjoyed sweating so much in this high-energy interval workout blending Pilates, Boxing and Dance. The dynamic class moves through heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and lengthening Pilates movements through to 'let yourself go' dance releases.

27XS - 45 mins

2,700 seconds of incredible plyometric and cardio interval training! Challenge yourself and push your heart rate to its peak. This workout will keep your metabolic rate up for 12 hours post training burning extra calories.

Chi Ball - 55 Mins

A system based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This class is holistic for the body, mind and spirit with use of an aromatic Chi Ball.

Zumba - 55mins

Enjoy red hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and fun to follow dance routines to get the heart rate up and work your body from head to toe.

THT - 55 mins

Tummy, Hips and Thighs! This workout will have your body feeling toned and will help you sculpt and shape your lower body. A great class for any fitness level.

Body Art - 55 Mins

A mind body fitness fusion. Based on the five elements of Chinese medicine you will enjoy experience a class like no other that incorporates flowing functional movements

New Body - 55 Mins

If you want to redefine your body this toning and conditioning class is a must try! With the use of steps, hand weights and core work it provides one of the fastest ways to define and lose body fat.

Low Impact - 55 Mins

Low intensity moves to help increase cardiovascular fitness. A fun class that you’ll want to come back to over and over again.