Introductory Program


Health Check : discuss your goals, establish realistic targets & take into account any health & injury concerns.

Body Composition Analysis : Determine Body Fat%, Metabolic Rate, Body Age so we accurately measure your progress.

Individualised Fitness Program : A program designed to help you reach your fitness goals

Personal Training : 2 x Personal Training sessions to kickstart your goals!

Gym Program : Your Health Coach will design a safe and effective exercise program: Functional Strength Training, Cardio and Stretching.

Mobile Fit : Your program can be accessed online via our Core24! App on your Phone, Tablet or computer.

Program Start : Your first session: Your Personal Training will show you through your program with correct technique, posture and activation of your core.

A session on our exclusive Body Space Vacu Therm Machines.

Our body shape program was voted No 1 weight loss program in Australia.

A specialised program using the latest technology designed to accelerate weight loss and reduce cellulite from your tummy, butt, hips & thighs.

We can now target these problems areas where all other exercise programs fail.

3 Personal Training Sessions to maximise your results, help you with any questions & review your technique.

A follow up Body Composition Analysis to review your improvement in your Body Fat %, Matabolic Rate and Body Age.

Your first 5 weeks will lay the foundation for your continued success in improving your health and fitness.