Do you want to drop a dress/pants size or look great for summer? Core24 Health Clubs have all the tools you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We have Personal Trainers to help you build your motivation and confidence in the gym, great facilities to mix up your workouts, Group Fitness classes to add some verity and our Body Shaping Studio to target those stubborn areas, tummy, hips and thighs.

Stop the mindless hours of exercise you think you need for true weight loss.Talk to one of our BodyCore ™ Personal Trainers and see how they can help you get results you want in less time than you think …today.

Our BodyCore™ SHAPE-UP program - will lift your Metabolic Weight Permanently so you will BURN MORE CALORIES EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Fat loss is not just about working harder or longer and following silly diets. It is about doing the right exercises and eating the healthy food at the right times during the day and week.

Many of our clients find themselves exercising less and eating more than they were before and getting great results!

Throughout your program we will monitor your progress so you can see exactly how you are improving.