Brooke at the INBA Bikini Competition

Brooke's Journey...

"I have been into fitness for most of my life. I grew up doing many different sports in and outside of school. However, due to work commitments I started up at gym as it meant I could go at any time."I really started to learn a lot when I did the 10 week challenge with Core24 last year, which I saw how some little tricks and tips and good training changed so many things about myself. I saw so many changes within myself such as better moods, more motivation, and I was getting leaner. However, unfortunately I could not finish this challenge as I developed a hernia that had to be operated on. After this I was more determined to get back into shape and start having all those little changes happen.

"I started my fitness competition training about 8-9 weeks out from the competition date which is actually quite a short preparation time compared to most. You would usually see most starting about 12-15 weeks out. So I knew I was behind and had to really work hard to get to where I would like to be to get up on stage.

"I received a trial for the Body Shape machines...I thought I must try it. Over the weeks I saw how it targeted my stubborn areas i.e. thighs, glutes and stomach. I also, received many useful tips from the Staff and you could tell that they cared a lot for their clients and made sure they were well across our goals and we would go through my measurements, weight and % of fat/muscle to make sure I was keeping on track.

"On June 28th 2015 I got up on stage at the INBA All Females Competition which was held at Moonee Valley Racecourse and placed 5th in my very first category which was in the Bikini round. The whole day was totally amazing and was buzzing from the day and felt amazing with all my hard work. I also was very excited to send Core24 some photos to tell them the good news. It really was the icing on the cake!"