Golf Training Fitness Machie

X Factor Golf Swing Machine and True Fitness Stretching Cage Now at Core24 Frankston.

The X Factor Golf Swing Machine strengthens the specific Core Muscles while training your

on the correct swing plane.

Designed by golf professionals and used on the PGA tour. It will help you move correctly,

crunch those abs, and create that extra bit of power to give you that X factor next time you

play golf with your mates.

The True fitness Cage wiil help you find the correct positions to target the muscles in your

golf swing you to help you stretch you Back, chest and Legs

Using this equipment on a regular basis will help you improve you golf fitness - Strength and

Flexibilty. Add 10 minutes on a vibro trainer to relax your muscles and stimulate extra circulation

and you will feel like a new man or Women next time you step up to the Tee.

Just ask a Personal Trainer at the Club if you require any help.