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Our Body Shape Studio is located at our Frankston Platinum facility and is designed to help your reach your health and fitness goals and target those stubborn areas – tummy hips and thighs.

What is Vacu-Term Technology?

BODY SPACE VACU THERM are devices in which the lower part of the body is tightly sealed and treated with “Vacu” negative pressure and “InfraRed” radiation. Simultaneously with the Vacu Therm therapy, an ergometric bicycle, treadmill or step workout is conducted, which is suitable even for those who avoid physical activity. The parameters of the device (ergometer resistance, the value of the negative pressure and infrared radiation) are computer controlled and set individually for each client.

The effects of Body Space Vacu Therm:

  • elimination of cellulite
  • quick fat burning (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
  • slimming and body contouring
  • augmenting the skin’s blood flow (makes it more firm and elastic)
  • improving the physical condition
  • improving blood and lymph circulation
  • rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body
  • elimination of the cold feet syndrome
  • endorphin release (the so-called happiness hormone) during the workout session
  • rapid removal of toxins and harmful substances from the body as a result of maximally intense sweating
  • improving the condition of the cardiovascular system – increasing the heart rate to a level matching rates found in people performing intense physical exercises
  • analgesic effect – the systemic analgesic effect in injuries treatment and chronic neurological and rheumatoid afflictions therapy
  • delaying the skin ageing process (Anti-ageing) – sensational effects in the process of delaying skin ageing. The collagen production in the skin is stimulated during sessions by infrared radiation.

The amount and intensity of workouts on Body Space VacuTherm devices is dependent on the level of cellulite advancement and the quantity of fat. The conducted research and the satisfaction of thousands of clients confirm the effectiveness of Body-Space devices in fighting excessive weight and cellulite. Furthermore, they prove that the effects achieved after 20 treatments persist even for several months. It is recommended that you use from 12 to 20 treatments in one series.

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